Summer Programs

Summer Curriculum 2019
June 3 – July 26

Week 1: Friendship Week – This week we are getting excited about the summer program and having fun with your friends while getting acquainted with new ones.

Week 2: Manners Week – Preschoolers are at the perfect age to start learning the importance of being courteous and acting like a child of God so we will be focusing on different manners over the week.

Week 3: Journey Off the Map – Takes your kids to uncharted territory where they will begin to understand that obedience to God can lead them beyond the expected. So, toss the map, stick close to your guide, and prepare to listen for God’s direction in this journey that is unknown to us, but know by Him.

Week 4: Great Outdoors Week – What a great world we live in! Isn’t God amazing? This week we will be exploring the outdoors while we focus on all of the great creations God has made.

Week 5: God Bless America Week – Now is a great time to teach our kids about why America is so special and why we are so blessed to live in the Land of the Free! Through different curriculum and activities they will learn about the history as we prepare for the Fourth of July.

Week 6: Health & Safety Week – Health & Safety Week will help the young children in learning important self-help skills and living a healthy lifestyle. As children are able to master these habits, they gain confidence and feel competent, independent, and responsible.

Week 7: Sports and Nutritional Week – Head, shoulders, knees, and toes! God gave us a body that we are to care for and part of it is being active and having proper nutrition. We will be learning about being active and how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Wear your favorite sports team jerseys and colors all week.

Week 8: Crazy School Spirit Week – What a fun week we have planned to end the summer before all of the students start in their new classrooms on August 10.